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What to expect in the class

****Please register into class before arriving, spots are limited. Cancelations will be honored no later than 2 hours before class start time, a class fee for attendance will be charged with no shows.***


What is the benefit of Yoga?

Yoga postures are designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance. Deep breathing combined with slow steady movement assist in the removal of toxins from the body, calming the mind and body.


How do I know what to do?

You will be guided verbally into and out of the posture, you will have visual demonstrations  of the pose and gentle hands on alignment during the pose from your teacher.


How long is a class?
Each class lasts a minimum of 60 minutes. Please arrive 10 min before class starts so as to get settled. Some classes may go a little longer than 60 minutes, please allow for 5 minutes over at the end of class.  

Can I eat before class?

We recommend refraining from eating large meals 2 hours before class. Pure water and a light healthy snack beforehand is preferred.


What do I wear?
Dress comfortably, dress to stretch, gym wear is appropriate, no shoes are required in the yoga room. No heavy perfume.


What do I bring?

Yoga mats are provided, bring along a towel to lay on top of your mat. Bring along a water bottle for hydration, Water can be purchased at the studio. 

What else happens in the room?

You will be standing next to other people much like yourself, some are brand new to yoga, some have been practicing for a very long time. We are all here to assist in creating the most compassionate space for each other. We let others be in their own experience, we practice like no one is watching, we are simply enjoying the class and allowing our self to be pleasantly surprised by what we can do!  And to be inspired to see what is possible. 

What can I do to increase my understanding of yoga?

If you are new to East Side Yoga, consider starting the Saturday morning beginners series. You will have detailed instruction of the postures, Correct alignment with safe hands on adjustments, Learn the sequence of postures and the benefits of each pose. This class is designed to prepare you for all three East Side Yoga sequences.


Release Anxiety, Tension and Depression, Increase Concentration, Balance Wake / Sleep Cycles
Practice in a group or consider a private lesson.

Strengthens & Aligns, Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons, Massages Internal Organs, Calms The Mind.
Sign up for the beginners series here.

Alkalizes the Body. Removes Foggy Brain, Increase Mental Focus, Energizes The Body,  Better Skin Hair & Nails
Learn the basics of healthy food choices & gentle cleansing practices.

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