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We all need a little time away, traveling solo.

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."~ Khalil Gibran ~

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When was the last time you went out on a limb and and decided to trust your natural instincts and go on a journey with just yourself? Some of the most trans-formative experiences have happen to me when I have traveled solo. There is something romantic and adventurous about packing a light bag and hopping into a car, train, bike, plane or boat. A sense of freedom and excitement for the unknown washes through me every time I travel. I get to make all the decisions, I get to do everything and anything. The other significant part is that there is a spiritual journey that I embark upon within myself when I travel for myself. I have taken some time to write down a memoir of events and journeys I have had over the twenty plus years of traveling solo.

Dharamshala, India, December 2016

This travel piece consists of short writings of true events which create a bridge into the lives of local indigenous cultures, whilst connecting with fellow travelers sharing their experiences and their truths of humanness. Some of you may know who it is I am talking about due to the many stories I have shared with you regarding my travels. I have changed names due to privacy. I have combined some journeys together to emphasize a point or an idea. Simple truth is the awakening of my soul and I hope that you can enjoy the journey I have embarked upon and I wish for you to share your travel wisdom with me during this journey together.

Bali, Indonesia, June 2019

“The journey awaits and it does not have to be planned out, actually its better if you just "wing it". The less organised the better. When I can figure things out as they arise I feel a sense of intimacy with the environment, humans and animals, I love being in the moment with all of the present options".

This will be an ongoing piece because when it comes to travel I do not limit myself to the idea I have to get on a plane to experience the world. Travel can mean walking a block out of my neighborhood and putting on travel goggles, I willingly take in the environment with open hearted curiosity and greet the environment and people as I would in a foreign country. When I do this the possibility for me to experience love, appreciation, heart ache, injustice, joy, fear, courage opens me to the idea that we are all travelers living in our own world bumping up against each other giving each other a living experience in a felt body truth experience. There will always be updates and new additions. Also I hope to hear from you and your experiences, this will influence my writing and give suggestions of environments which stirred in you a great wisdom learning.

Perth, Australia 2014

We were born to be together

Travel is a means for me to discover myself and to really get some serious lessons in, "how to be human" in the most remarkable settings. When we leave the village we embark on a journey inwards discovering what it means to be in connection with all our my senses. The intuitive, curious, playful parts of me ignite as soon as I start packing my bags. For me it feels animal like, neural pathways open up, I receive an amazing dose of dopamine, my body and emotions respond with joyful motivation, excitement and focus. This is before I have reached my destination! My mood shifts into high gear, I feel an arousal with life. I suppose this is one reason why I rarely feel alone when I travel. My usual habituated tendencies take a back seat as my genuine curiosity steps forward.

Rishikesh, India, Decemebr 2016

My mood shifts, I feel an arousal with life. I suppose this is one reason why I rarely feel alone when I travel.

We were not all born and created to live life in one place for eternity, some of us were born to explore environments beyond their home shores. I feel as though my purpose to travel and connect with new cultures and environments is a way for me to become a true loving human being.

Tamworth, Australia July 2019

Lets embark on a journey together which entices us to dig into the parts of our being that allows us to remain curious and captivated by this beautiful world and all of her inhabitants.

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Nicole Shaw is an Australian native living and teaching yoga in Dallas Texas since 2002.

The past eighteen years Nicole has learned from masters from different teaching backgrounds including yoga philosophy, kriya yoga, raja meditation, psychology, integral leadership and dance therapy.

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