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6 Ways to Create the Ultimate Peaceful Environment

A clear space does not really mean a clear mind. However a little decluttering can mentally prepare us for different activities. If you feel paralyzed by the clutter in your life, you are not alone, now before you decide the only solution for calm in your life is to run off into the hills and totally disconnect. Consider for a moment, that you can be the creator of peace in your environment.

No more clutter! I was driving myself and my boyfriend insane with my constant piles of crap laying around everywhere. I used to think if there was a smooth surface, I had to put something on it. I finally realized the path to my peace was not only via my practices of yoga, my teachings on meditation but also the realization that my environment was a reflection of my state of mind. Ouch...

“Do not feel bad, so you are a little messy, you decide the floor is the best place for your clothing, your kitchen sink is the home for your dishes, and your animals love the fact that food left out is for their benefit. I get it, you are a creative, you need a little disorder to keep the juices flowing, but there is one problem, you feel a little stress and anxiety on multiple occasions through your day...”

Okay let's take a little step into creative cleansing, it is okay to have some disorder in our life, it is actually quite healthy, what we want to look at are the levels of tension, frustration, claustrophobic, out of balance feelings, difficulties sleeping, inability to sit quietly and concentrate on one thing at a time, feeling overwhelmed and distracted in our environments. All of these disturbances can create a disassociation with our self, work colleagues and loved ones. So how much clutter is too much? I will let you decide.

Studies found clutter has a direct impact on feelings of satisfaction with life.

University of New Mexico’s Catherine Roster and colleagues (2016) examined how clutter compromises an individual’s perception of home, and ultimately feelings of satisfaction with life. The underlying premise of the study was that because many people identify so closely with their home environments, the extent to which it’s cluttered can interfere with the pleasure they experience when being in that environment.

Reading this may help incentivize you to start a gentle declutter of your home and work environments, Here are six steps to creating calm healthy work and home spaces. A note to all, start small, one space at a time.

6 Ways to Create the Ultimate Peaceful Environment

1.Breathe If you feel overwhelmed, breathe. It will calm you and release the tensions. Try breathing exercises to calm the mind and the body, listen to my meditation for a few minutes

2. Emphasize natural light Light is all around us, we take it for granted until those dark winter months come along. The sheer lack of sunlight can be depressing. Comprehensive research from the Light Right Consortium, came to the conclusion that light increases productivity. Allow natural light into the space. When using artificial lighting make sure it meets your biological lighting needs, both in the office and in the home. Good lighting creates pleasant working conditions in a functional and atmospheric way.

3. Color has an enormous impact

We are affected psychologically, emotionally and even physically. Red shades tend to trigger the stress response, making you more anxious while lighter shades calm you down. You can paint your walls, wear clothing or choose fabrics to create a peaceful environment.

Blue -peaceful, calm and gentle, blue has a tremendous power to manage stress, go for a soft natural shade for a calming effect Green - restful and quiet because it creates a harmonious feeling and can diffuse anxiety, beige greens and pale-yellow greens are the most calming Pink - tranquility and peace, it can diffuse energy and balance a room energetically, the right shade of pink is good for any room White - freshness and clarity, at times of stress it can give you a feeling of clarity and peace. Avoid stark and shiny white it can become dirty and dull and this can affect your mood Violet - Strength, wisdom, peace, it can create feelings of balance and inner peace, meditation can become powerful under the color of violet Yellow - Positive, bright and energetic and can relieve depression Brown - Warm, nature, supportive, it can become a little too serious if overdone, a lighter shade can be perfect for creating a warmer softer tone

4. Furniture

Keep it simple, minimal, make sure all pieces are user friendly and comfortable. Find a way to incorporate greenery and water elements into your design. Invite the feeling of outdoors - by incorporating natural elements into your space you feed the intrinsic yearnings deep within you that foster a sense of inner calm and peace.

Bring in a wooden carved chair, fountain or smooth river rocks and natural crystals to encourage a space of serenity. Include natural plants, images of plants and calm waters as screen savers on the computer. Living plants help to clean and re-oxygenate the indoor air. Pictures on the wall are minimal and have the quality of wisdom, compassion or love

5. Stay away from clutter

Avoid buying more stuff, ask yourself if you really need this, what is its purpose, will I use it again, will it create peace and harmony for me? Have the hard talk with yourself and observe your attachments to objects, does the item give you happy peaceful memories, let go of items which cause sadness and tension and items no longer serving their purpose. Clear off table tops, counters, vanities, open the space in your room.

6. Embrace simplicity.

With an emphasis on balance and clean lines, the space needs to instill in you a sense of peace and tranquility. Enjoy the journey of peace with taking small steps towards decluttering, choosing colors and items of furniture with the intention to create a loving creative, calm space that you and others in your life can enjoy.

When we choose to accept this part of reality, life reveals a simple joy, a truth, an inner knowing that we are exactly right where we are meant to be right in this very precious moment. 

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Nicole Shaw is an Australian native living and teaching yoga in Dallas Texas since 2002.

The past eighteen years Nicole has learned from masters from different teaching backgrounds including yoga philosophy, kriya yoga, raja meditation, psychology, integral leadership and dance therapy.

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