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Nicole Shaw is an Australian native, she began her yoga teaching in November 2000 in Sydney and moved to the USA in 2002 to begin a business in teaching and training yoga teachers in Dallas TX.

She co - founded a successful yoga company SunstoneFit in Dallas for fourteen years. Nicole decided to part ways with her community in 2016, she returned to Australia in December 2020 and is now creating her own soulful packed journey in North Queensland, Mackay, Australia

The past twenty years Nicole has learned from masters of different teaching backgrounds including yoga philosophy, kriya yoga, raja meditation, psychology, integral leadership and dance therapy.


Over the past two years she has worked alongside and has been inspired by leaders in the wellness industry in the USA and India including her most recent training in 2017 with public speaker, author and psychologist Charles Gaby. In his book, Choosing to Evolve,Gaby says "The culture is stuck and we need to evolve. We are often emotionally manipulated and distracted by those who seek our attention. We can only be free when we learn how to manage our emotions mindfully." Nicole completed the year long program with Gaby deepening her understanding of imagery and habit. (My leap Year) in 2018.


Nicole has discovered that her own path to happiness has to do with the unwinding of family, personal and social conditioning, she is now living and loving her humanness.

Wellness encompasses the body, mind and spirit. When we surround ourselves with conscious compassionate thinkers and creatives we can change our habituated reality. Nicole is grateful for the support of her teachers, seeking out the guidance of masters in their field and studying under them for a time has transformed her reality model.  At the heart of change is grace, self-inquiry and love.

Transformation begins with a sense of grounded presence, when we are centered in the heart, we perceive and love in the world from a place of clarity and bliss.

Nicole's teaching at its core is living a life of compassion. Freedom in movement.

Wellness is acceptance, wellness is a gentle surrender to living reality. When we can surrender we can see with clarity the beauty in the opposites of existence.


When we choose to accept this part of reality, life reveals a simple joy, a truth, an inner knowing that we are exactly right where we are meant to be right in this very precious moment. 

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